Field Configuration for Windows Application


In windows application automation, on clicking ‘Start Field configuration’ and on hovering on a control, it does not highlight the control. What could be the possible solution for this issue?


Dear Venkata,

Highlighter will appear on holding of ‘Ctrl’ key. For some Windows applications, highlighter will not work but in that case you can use “Advanced Configuration” window as shown in attached image which gets opened on click of ‘Start Field configuration’. This window shows application controls in tree format and user can choose any control from this tree.




From where can I open the Advanced configuration window? Is there any button which I need to click to open the configurations.

I have tried with CTRL key, still the configurations are not coming.


Dear User,

This windows will automatically come up (not in front but in minimized state) on clicking of start field configuration for Windows Application. Sometimes it takes time to load that window after selecting start field configuration.



testing on stock rediff money -use case, but no control options /apperaing.tried with ‘ctrl’ key also, pls suggest.



Stock Rediff is a web application. Click on Start scrapping and scrap the controls. You don’t need to press Ctrl key.




can’t find any 'start scrapping ’ option to click.




When you have added a web application by providing correct url then drag drop application activity and select your application in the same. Click on Setting icon to launch application which will dock inside Studio. There you will find Start Field Configuration button. You can locate any element on web page by clicking on the button and then clicking on desired web element.


I an not getting Advance Configuration for Field Configuration of InternetExplorer .



You will not get it. Advanced configuration comes for windows based application


so how do I field Configure InternerExplorer? I need to configure the address bar.


Dear Shubham,

Applications opened under Internet Explorer are treated as Web App Types and Advanced configuration is specifically build for Windows App Types (supporting Microsoft UIA framework, WPF, WinForm apps).

For Web, control should start highlighting once you move mouse to control but make sure you already clicked on “Start Field Configuration” button in Studio.



For Web applications I need to feed the “login” and “search” URL. But I want these URL to be entered from an Excel sheet. That is why I need to configure the address bar of InterentEplorer. Help me out please.



Try using activity Win pop up handler