Facing issue while trying to read data from putty command prompt using AE 17.5.2

Facing the issue while reading the data from the putty command prompt. On executing the any query on putty by connecting to database , we need to read the output of the query and based on the output the next step to be performed will be decided.

But unable to copy/paste and hence read data from putty command prompt. Not sure how to perform this operation.

Hi Megha,

It is not possible to read output directly from a putty console. I am suggesting a workaround.

In your puyty setting Logging section section Select session output and specify a log file name. You can then read and parse that log file to get result of your command.


After we use this workaround, even though we get the putty output, it has some special characters in the log. Please check the attached log file for this.


This log file is generated by putty internally. You will have to write your parsing logic appropriately to get meaningful data out of it