Extract data from Webpage not working


I have created a flow to extract the data from Webpage.
When I run Debug Automation, I can see that the web page is interacting, data gets extracted and automation works. But, when I setup up the environment, I can see automation is running messages on the screen but the webpage does not interact and no data gets extracted.

Can you please help me solve this issue?

This issue started since I changed I increased the Searchtimeout in the config.exe file.

Thank you.


Is test run failing at a specific step or entire automation is failing. There is no difference in automation run using Debug and Test Run except the speed of execution. Try putting some delay


Hello Amit,

The problem is automation is not starting.
When I click setup environment, the web page opens until this it works fine.
After this I just see “Please wait, test run in progress” but nothing happens on the web page.

Is there any issue with when should the automation start executing the flow?
I also tried adding a write line to see if the automation works but no success. There is definitely an issue with timing.


Does this happen post you click Test Run after set up is complete



Yes, this issue occurs after I do the setup and start with Test Run.


Hi @skd747

Can you tell the value of StudioSearchTime that you have defined?
It seems the value is overflowing and because of this reason you are not able to see the automation interacting with the web elements.
I would suggest you not to set the value of StudioSearchTime more than the maximum value of int i.e. 2147483647

Please confirm if your automation runs after setting the value which is less than or equal to 2147483647