Extract cell value from SAP Table

I am trying to extract cell value from SAP table , for first loop it works well, when it goes for second loop iteration, the control id for extract cell value is not working
Below is the control id : Inside while loop i have used , however the control id works well for first loop , but for next loop it fails exactly in extract cell value .

Below is the table :slight_smile:


Can you please check if in second iteration control id remains same or it changes

Control id is same …It’s static,I guess needs to be dynamic

any update on the issue reported

any update team …looking for some help

Hi @dipakhoro,

As you guessed, the control id needs be dynamic when you are fetching the information from tables.
The control id you shared is having till the table name (tblSAPLCVI_FS_UI_VENDOR_CCTCTRL_LFBW) and it is not having row and column index. I hope you would have specified row and column index in a separate property. In that case, try to increment the row index inside the while loop to fetch value from all the rows.
Please try this approach and let us know if this works.

Rajasri Muthaiya.