Excel Loop not creating column arguments


The excel loop activity does not create arguments for column name sometimes.

I have confirmed the column names as well still there are no arguments. I tried reading 2 sheets of a file with excel loop activity, the activity created arguments for one of the sheet but for the other one arguments are not created.


Hi, In one excel loop you will be able to configure only one sheet. Try deleting the existing excel loop and add excel loop activity again, Reselect excel and select sheet. On clicking setting icon column name should come

Hi Amit,

Thanks for your response. I have an excel with 3 sheets. I used one excel activity to read first sheet from the excel. It reads the excel columns and create arguments for it. I added another excel loop activity for the second sheet of the excel, but this activity is not creating arguments for the columns in the second sheet.

I also tried added and removing the activity but same results.

Vibhor Mahajan

Hi Vibhor,

While using excel loop you can use a excel file only once in process. Because this locks the file for processing.

If you use another excel loop in process and select same file but different sheet then system will not be able to read data since file is locked.

Please create a new excel file for second excel loop and try