Event listener to trigger process



I have a requirement where in I have to capture data available in rows and columns in a screen. Captured data will be stored in xls.
There are multiple screens through which the data need to be captured. The way I am thinking to do this is,

  1. The user will double click on a data in a screen
  2. The double click event will trigger the Assist process
  3. The process will do Ctrl - A (To select all rows and columns) and Ctrl - C to copy data
  4. It will create one excel file and paste data in it.

Point 3 and 4 are simple and I am able to exectute then as part of AE Process.
I need help on 2 second point. In Assist Edge, is there any mechanism which could listen to an event and trigger process.

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Currently trigger supported are mail and File based trigger.