EVA Bot-Process-Microbot-Issue

When a process is configured with a microbot, When tested using Automation Studio (Set up environment and test run) , the entire process is working fine. When the same process is Published and deployed and configured in EVA Bot Using Run Now, it is working fine, but when the same is configured for a time scheduled trigger(Running for every 10 minutes for 365 days) it is a combination of both success and failure. Whenever it goes to failure, The same process is executed both on studio (Set up environment and test run) and EVA Bot Using Run Now, by that time the process is running as success. So what does that mean? PFB screenshot of the same.5ErrorEvaBot

Hi Ambarish,

You can check the transaction logs of process execution in case of failure as to determine which steps it has failed.

EVA Bot logs will give you further clarity regarding to identify the root cause of failure

Hi Amit,
Those logs has also been monitored, during that time only I’ve noticed that the step where it is getting failed is execution of microbot.
To add an update, the microbot is running successfully when it is running in VS (as a console base App) and also it is doing its task when it is configured in automation studio with no issue even when it is executed N no of times. So any suggestions from your side here to fix this issue?


Execution of code in microbot may be falling due to some exception. Try catching the exception and writing to log file for further analysis

Hi Amit,
Actually I’m catching the exception caused from microbot and keeping a separate log(Which won’t come into the scope of RPA), When the Microbot is executed there are NO error/Exceptions caused anytime. But when configured with EVA bot getting this error in transaction Log.