EVA bot is crashing with following error




Is your VM getting wiped off and OS image restored every night.



No. The OS and Disk contents are retained.


Then what is the change that occurs on VM restart.


Yeah, i can see, the EVA bot is calling below method

which is trying to read some XML which might be corrupted. do you know which XML file is read in this function?



There are several xml file. Once EVA bot starts then it write data in several file and maintains its state. If on VM restart all these files are reverted to original file then EVA bot will get corrupted.


So EVA bot cannot run in cloud VMs?



It runs. You will need to create policy so that the folder is restored back with latest content on VM restart.



Are you suggesting we restore the Edgeverve folder under Program files daily with original installation content?

Also the Error suggests that it is reading some config. am i right? So that we can take back up of config files?


Hi all,

I’m also facing the same issue. Is there any solution available? Please help.

Thank you.