Error while saving the process

While saving the process after web automation, getting the below error and not able to save the process. Please help what could be the issue.


What is the version of AE you are using.

  1. Did you imported from some different version in the version that you are using.
  2. You process seems to appear corrupted.

Kindly recretae process and verify again


Re-Create Workflow in AssistEdge - Automation Studio, Possible reasons when this error occurs -

  1. There is an error in an expressions within Workflow.
  2. The validation constraints of an activity in the workflow have not been satisfied.
  3. There are errors in the Workflow XAML file that cause an activity to fail to load.

Thanks Sumit, One case I noticed is that I am getting this issue when I give a variable while working in web mode that is not declared in the assist edge. In suck cases I’m not able to even save the process.

Thanks. This is because of some validation constraints - on variable that is defined while web mode and remain undeclared in Automation Studio. I hope, you can resolve this.

Let us know, in-case any more issues.