Error: VBA Object Model Access

Hello Everyone

I am facing an issue while trying to use Excel Recorder. It shows VBA Object Model Access Error when I tried to click “Open in Studio”. Also I tried to navigate to following settings
files-> options-> trust center->trust center settings-> macro settings,
I dont have access to change the settings it is as below.

Could someone please help me to resolve this issue.


Hi Monica
Excel Recorder works when you Enable the Macros.
However, it seems your macro settings are disabled by the group policy settings controlled by your domain admins.
Though this setting can be disabled by visiting running GPEDIT.MSC in the Run box. Once open Navigate to - User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Excel 20XX/Excel Options/Security/Trust Center/VBA Macro Notification Settings
Disable this setting if it is enabled.

However, check with your Domain Admins before disabling this setting.

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Hello Mantri

I have tried navigating to the following path, however I am not able to get the options/Secirity/Trust Cente/VBA Macro Notification Settings.

The attached images are dispalyed once I click on Microsoft Excel 20XX. I have also tried to change the settings to enable/disable but it didnot work.

Mounika K