Error : Automation execution is completed with status SearchTimeOut

Hello All there,

I am trying to make an automation process which copies certain fields from the website into an excel sheet based upon search query string from the same excel sheet.
I have configured the fields to be copied in excel loop and also added Write to excel. It works fine for few initial records. But later the process ends with the log file mentioning AUTOMATION_COMPLETED : Automation execution is completed with status SearchTimeOut.

Whilst I am trying to run the test run, the test run times out after certain record data gets copied into the excel sheet.

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The search time out error comes when the time required for execution exceeds the default set timeout value.
The timeout value can be increased by updating the following key in the:
Automation Studio.exe.config file
in the following path where Community Edition is installed:
\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\ACE\

Key: key=“StudioSearchTime” value=“600000”


Thanks. Post updating the value from 50000 to the required milliseconds, it worked flawlessly.

This solution can work wonders when the search rows in excel sheet are more.

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Just a caution here! For long running transaction ,never assign this key a value which is out of bound for Int32 DataType( i.e. 2^31-1 or 2,147,483,647)


Exactly. After I got the resolution, I just increased the number way beyond this number.
Due to overflow, the process failed before even it could start.

Also, for studio I had to configure the the above mentioned config file.

But for EVA bot, I configured
\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\PA\RoboSE.exe.config

Then the error of SeachTimeOut was also removed from my EVABot processes which had larger data.