Engage guided scripting


I am creating a Guided Scripting process to devlop step by step navigation for loan document requirements. Here I am able to configure next button as an Actins.
I want to create one more button as Previous, it’s created using Automatin Studio but at run time (in Engage) this button is not working. Need help.

AssistEdge 19.1 - Guided intelligence provides ability to pre-defined navigation for personas like - customer service agents in AssistEdge Engage, with ability to turn the search for a solution into an intuitive session with Guided Scripting Activity.

You can refer - step by step guide for Guided Scripting and configure the same in in your Platform -


Hi @sumit.sagar

Thanks for your response.

I am able to configure Guided Scripting process. Please help me to configure Previous button as an Action.