Email Entry Id setting in excel loop for outlook Read operation

Hi All,

I am learning Assist Edge these.Implemting practically but not able to set Email Entry ID.
Practical implementation of :Invoice Report Automation Assist Edge 1.
Implemented first step successful.Able to get all invoice result searched in excel file.
While implementing second step it is not picking Email Entry ID as per video I can see it is being automatically picked.
I want to set email entry ID so that I can read all 15 records in my excelloop and the outlook read operation.
How to set a value of variable of Email Entry ID,do not want manual entry.
PFB the screenshot.

Second I tried to give individual Email Entry ID by setting argument as
EmailEntryID “One Unique Entry”.
Then system gave me error as:
Activity Excelloop : Object reference not set to an instance of Object.

Kindly guide.


Once excel is generated which contains email entry id

  1. Check the path and name of the result file
  2. In excel loop ensure that same file is selected. If file is getting generated at run time then try copying the file to some set destination and rename it.

Hi Amit,

Thanks for the input.
The file name is output.xls and accessing the same in excel loop .PFB :

But still Email entry Id is not getting picked automatically.

As suggested Have copied my file to different location and renamed it to output1.xls still email entry id is not getting picked up automatically.

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ensure that you are configuring the column name correctly and mapping to correct argument


Hi Amit,

Reply Email has worked for one Email entry ID by setting argument but not getting how to set argument for EmailEntry ID for more than one Email entry ID.Considering the scenario we have 12 Email entry ID which are present in excel and have to reply to these email entry ID.