EBS configuration issue


We need to click on Status tab which is highlighted in the below image. I have configured this.
Its component id is something like this -> Shipments - 24216234:FormsTabPanel:10:24
This component id will differ as per the PO number. The highlighted number is the PO number which we are taking from excel and replacing this with argument. (Shipments - {PONumber}:FormsTabPanel:10:24). But very few time it is working. Suppose we have 10 records in excel then it is working for only 2-3 records.

I tried to replace this componentsId with the argument and tried all the functions (equals,endswith,startwith,contains) but still facing the same issue

Please suggest some solution for this.


What is the value of configText parameter. Does it match with the id of field which you are trying to capture

Amit Anand

From the component ID mentioned, it seems that only the PO Number value differs, while the last part of the component ID remains same.

Instead of Equals, you can try selecting Ends With from the drop down and provide only FormsTabPanel:10:24 instead of ConfigText and try.

Hi Jithin,

Will try this. Thank you :slight_smile: