Dynamic Index of Reference in the PDF Document

Hi Team,

I am trying to extract data from PDF Invoices.
The Invoice has the field of Amount Due.

Depending upon the number of entries in the invoices, the Amount Due can be there on page 1, sometimes on Page 2, and if there lot many entries then the Amount Due can be present on Page 3 or Page 4 of the invoice.

So, the location of my reference is varying,

Is there a way by which I can handle this situation?

Hi @Mantri

You can define one Reference (ex. Amount Due) and use the Area Selection type as One Corner, two Corners, or Three Corners

Hi @mrunalini

Is the reference created based on the page number or based on the occurrence of the reference?

Please note that my Amount Due is calculated on every page.

What I want is to extract Amount Due data from the last page of the invoice.

Hi @Mantri

It is determined by the occurrence of reference.
The index for the first occurrence is 0.

In that case, my requirement is to always select the last occurrence. Is that possible to handle in Automation Studio?

In Reference Configuration, You can Add New Reference - search for a particular string and add occurrence number in pdf.

But this occurrence will be applicable for only the PDF that I am configuring.

For my other PDF invoices, my occuence number can change.

How do I handle that?

For Automation Stability suggesting to implement, if Pdf types are Real PDF or Searchable PDF,. For complex document processing or invoice processing, you can explore : XtractEdge -Document AI Platform.