Drag and drop an element

How do I automate the drag and drop of elements in a Web Application?

I am trying to automate a similar Web Page. Can somebody help me on this?

AssistEdge Enterprise - Web Mode can help user to capture the area for configuration - record and playback scenario, once area is captured the relevant activities, out of the box interactions can be configured for the mentioned scenario.

Refer Web mode in AssistEdge Knowledge Base -



Drag drop interaction is currently not available for web based automation. You will have to write a Code Editor to perform drag drop operation


Hi @Mantri,
Below steps will help you to drag and drop

  1. Use Image mode to identify your control which you want to drag
  2. Select Drag from Action drop down
  3. Change Drag X and Drag Y position based on your drop location


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Thanks @bhuvan

I tried this. This was really helpful.