Does Excel Recorder supports Power Query Editor

I am working on the excel recorder to extract the column header from an excel file. For this case I am using the Power query editor to do lot of function like
Transpose table, extract text before delimiter, Replace values, Merge column. After completing all the formatting, I click on the Close and load option.
Then I stop my excel recorder. But I am getting Test run failed and in the VB script I am getting Complile Error. My Macros in the excel are enabled

Can you please tell me whether excel recorder support Power Query Editor. if so, Please let me know do we have any prerequisite?

Hi @mahalakhmik

Excel Recorder works same like ytou’re creating a Macro in Excel.
Just that in AE the macros gets saved in Automation Studio so that you can trigger thier execution using bots.

Try creating a Macro in excel and see if it is supporting PowerQuery. In case it supports PowerQuery then with AE as well there shouldn’t be any problem in executing it. I assume you have also Trusted access to VBA projetc object model

Thanks Mantri for responding.
Excel Recorder supports PowerQueryEditor . I got a syntax error in the VBScript generated, but resolved it by editing the VBScript . One more Question regarding the Same issue…
I am trying to extract a Complex headers from am excel file Using Excel Recorder.
Do we have any other activity to extract the Complex headers?
Example of complex Headers:

Thanks in Advance