Deployed Process not visible on EVA Bot

Why is my process deployed from Automation Studio not visible on EVA bot? How to make it appear on EVA bot?

Kindly refer to the troubleshooting document (AE_CE_17.5.5_TroubleshootingGuide.mht)present in the folder where the was unzipped. The section 2.4.3: “Deployed Process not visible in AssistEdge EVA bot” mentions the steps to take if this error occurs. Pasting them below for easy reference

  1. Check if the process is deployed successfully from the Automation Studio.
  2. Once deployed, the process is visible when AssistEdge EVA Bot is started or restarted.


Try to restart your EVA Bot from the task bar.
After restarting the EVA bot, your deployed process will be visible.

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