Deploy Process of earlier version

I created an Automation process which now has 7 versions.

Due to some bugs, I need to deploy the sixth version of the process. How do I do that?

Hi @Mantri,

When a process is published, backup gets created automatically and you can access these backups from “Process Backups” tab in automation studio. You can download a zip file from here and import the process. Please refer the following link for detailed information.

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 - provides Version Control System, with this you can store the changes made to the files in the Repository.

Refer link for more details on Configurations -

Hi @Mantri

As suggested by @rajasri.muthaiya Navigate to Process Backup Tab

Use filter button to get list of process with all the versions

Select required version of process and then click to download


So I’ll have to import the downloaded process?
Will it not overwrite my existing process or do I have to rename my process?