Delete/Release Robots created by Ex-Employee

Hi Team,

In our production instance, one of the employees who created the Robot on his Robot Farm machine has left the organization. Access to the robot farm machine is also lost. The agent is also in the stopped state. Is there a way to release the robot from the machine as well as delete the machine?

You can check with Super Admin of the AssistEdge production instance. Super Admin has access to deactivate Users that is not active from User Management module, also can release the Robots.

Refer AssistEdge Knowledge Base -

Hi @sumit.sagar

I see super admin is able to delete the Robot only for the machines which are active.

The machines which are inactive and have the robots created in it, the delete button is disabled.


It is mandatory for robot agent to be in active state so that robot can be deleted. In case Agent machine is no longer accessible then you will need to connect to AssistEdge Support team for data cleanup


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Agreed with Amit, for customers using AssistEdge RPA Enterprise versions.

Sure. Will contact the Support team to delete the Robots.
Thanks @sumit.sagar and @amit_anand15