Decrease memory usage

Hi Team,
We have an infrastructure which is being used for the purpose of POC. While AssistEdge is running, I see it is consuming more memory. Since there are other applications also running on the same server, is there a way to decrease the memory used by AsssitEgde components?

You can configure Robot Farm Machine CPU Utilization, Memory Usage Threshold Checks and notifications, that sends users a notification in case CPU Utilization, Memory usage is reached.

For more details on Infrastructure Health monitoring, you can refer -

I suggest you to expand RAM from 8 GB to 16GB, 32GB while setting AssistEdge 19.1 Enterprise on users machine. Or you can free up some RAM space.

Hi @Mantri, Were you able to optimize the memory utilization? If so, can you please share the solution here? I am also having similar issue on my setup, which is already having 16GB of RAM.

Yes @rajasri.muthaiya

I used the profile option to decrease the memory usage
I started my compnents in the dev profile using the command

ae start [–profile ]

Exampe - ae start --profile dev

Thanks @Mantri for sharing the solution. I will try to follow the same on my setup.
Is there any other way to optimize the memory utilization without switching to dev profile?