Data Entry automation in Web Application

Hi Team,
I am working on automating the data entry in below screenshot application (Effort logging app),

where I am extracting values stored in an excel and using excel loop activity to enter data from Mon till Sun.I am successful for the first row (PCDE -> Regular) data entry and save it, where as though I used Web scrapping and saved the work to save next data entry into second row (PCD -> Regular), it still tries to enter data in first row while I do Test Run.
Could you please suggest me an approach where I can save data to second and third rows ?

Hi Team,
As shown in above image, the selectors selected for first (PCDE) & second (PCD) rows are same during web scraping.
Its the same when I work on both rows.
How can I modify them to enter values correctly. Please suggest.


Try using some other selector using manual configuration option to uniquely identify your web element

Amit Anand

Hi Amit,
Tried using manual selector and using different name indicators, but still in Test Run data is populating in Row 1 only.
Row 1:
Row 2:

Also tried selecting one row as ID and the other as manual, but issue persists.
Could you please help to re-check on this.


If it is a web table then you will have to iterate over it and get specified cell

check this forum link