Compatible Browser & Driver Version not present

This error appears to be logged each time I start the app, and each time I try to open the Confurator in the Studio. It’s been doing this since I began experimenting with AE some weeks ago. I’ve cleared the message, Chrome opened and docked, as expected.

Starting yesterday however the browser no longer launches when trying to open Configurator. It does open when you test run your automation from Studio, and from EVAbot.

I have Chrome v. 76.0.3809.87. Have downloaded the WebDriver version appropriate for that Chrome version. Doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Downgrading to an earlier version of Chrome that is known to be compatible is not possible as our machines are managed.

Any suggestions appreciated.



After putting compatible driver in Selenium driver folder w.r.t to Chrome 76 make an entry in
BrowserDriverCompatiblity.json for your browser and driver version.
The file is kept indise ACE folder