Compare two versions of automation process

Do we have an option to compare 2 versions of automation process from same environment just to see what changes have been made in latest version?

If you are using AssistEdge Enterprise 19.X - with Application Configuration Statistics at AssistEdge Control Tower - you can view details of all deployed processes - along with applications, activities or canvas tools used within process.


In answer to your specific query there is no process version comparison tool available oob if you are using Database as repository

In case you are using GIT repository for saving process and version control then you can leverage GIT features for process xaml file comparison


Unfortunately, Application Configuration Statistics screen is not loading any data. Even if it loads the information, i believe it will not be helpful to compare two versions of automation process.

Thanks @amit_anand15 for providing suggestion. In our case, we are using SQL DB as repository. Would it be possible to share few screenshots of how we can compare the processes using GIT?

Hi @rajasri.muthaiya

Application Configuration Statistics will load data only for deployed processes. If number of deployed process are more, then it may take some time to generate the data.

HI @rajasri.muthaiya

If you’re using SQL DB as a repository, then you need to connect a GIT Repository to your Automation Studio


After connecting the GIT repository, whenever you publish the process, it will be uploaded to the git repository.

Example -



Once the process is published, you can make further modifications to your process and then compare it with Git Version

Hope this helps!

Hi @Mantri, Thanks for sharing the information.