Community Edition: Not able to do web automation on windows10

When trying to automate web application - chrome ( after clicking on web recorder i am able to highlight the search area but once click on search input field to get control , it should give me controls of that field which not happening. it just select search field and it just show recording button and then again play. Control details which comes on right side that’s not coming.
Also on launching of browser it says Compatible chrome browser and driver not found.
I have installed the edition with admin rights i am not able to install it without admin rights.


In case control is not identifiable via default attribute then use manual selector approach. In case that do not work then try using image automation or Execute Java Script activity

Amit Anand

Can you please try on IE once n confirm if the same thing is happening with IE as well.

Tried on IE as well, facing same issue on IE as well.

Try with ExecuteJavascript activity then

Sure, but i am not able to use main feature of product :frowning: