Combine multiple images in one word file


I want to combine multiple image files into single word file, how this can be done?
Thanks and Rehards,


Hi @amolgolhar

Your requirement can be achieved using Automation Studio.
Though, there’s no exclusive activity for your requirement

To Automate your scenario, the different activities that you’ll have to use are -

  1. File Search - To create a excel file of the file path for the images that you want to combine
  2. Windows Automation (Word - Create a new document or open existing document)
  3. Excel Loop - Within Windows automation, there will be excel loop to iterate every path of the image and insert it using steps performed on Microsoft Word
  4. Key Events - To send Keys to Open Dialog Box for inserting Image, Hit Enter after file is inserted, then save the word file and then close the word file.

Parent Flowchart -

Inside Windows Automation of Word

Inside Excel

Thank you sir its working.