Combine multiple excels in one excel file

I have three separate excel files, which i want to merge and create a new excel file.
How can i achieve this using FileMerger activity? How do i specify the file path?


Hi @tkam

The file path of the files that you want to merge must be specified in the arguments section.

Refer the below image.

File Merger activity will merge the sheets of the Excel workbooks that you specify.

In case you want to merge the rows present in specific Sheets for different excel workbooks, you’ll have to use Create Datatable activity for storing the tabular data, Multiple Excel Loops based on the number of sheets that you want to merge, Add Row to add the looped row in the datatable and Export Data Table for storing the final tabular data in form of xlsx or csv

Thank you for your input.
I am able to perform the merge activity now.

Thanks again