Column value replace in excel file using an html page

We need to replace the value of three columns in an excel file by using the input from an html file. Basically a column value replace functionality using input from an html file(the column values to be replaced will be specified in the html file based on that the file value replace should take place)
How can this be achieved? Is there any file replace function that could be used?

Tanvi Kamath

Heres the detailed use case:
I have a requirement for which we would require your inputs,

  1. I have a .csv file which has 30 columns.
  2. I have an HTML page, which is to be used as an input in order to replace values in the excel file.

Eg:- The HTML file has three fields taken from the excel itself.
The excel file has the value Y or N for the three fields which needs to be replaced with “Yes” or “No”.

So for the field “Resident” in the excel file, the value “Y” needs to be replaced with “Yes” in the excel file.

We have tried to screen scrape from the HTML file and store it into the Datatable as suggested in few videos.
After doing this, how do we go ahead with comparing and replacing in the excel file? as we are quite new in this automation journey.
Any pointers would be appreciated.