Click Hyperlink in Excel and Take Screenshot

Hi Team,

I have a use case where I need to validate whether the hyperlinks in excel are valid or not.

For this, I must open the hyperlinks present in an excel sheet and then take a screenshot of the opened URL.

How can I achieve this requirement?

Hi @Mantri

To click on the hyperlink present in the Excel sheet you can use Excel Apps.
Please refer link for your quick reference - Excel Applications

and to take a screenshot of opened URL you can use Print screen activity.
Please refer link for your quick reference - Print Screen

Hi @mrunalini

I have multiple rows in my excel sheet for which I want to validate the URL.

What should I do in this scenario?

Automation Studio has Activity “Excel Script” - You can Write Script to get hyperlinks from specific cell.

Create a Workflow with Excel Script to get links, open the Links on web and update screenshots (as suggested by @mrunalini )