Citrix automation

I want to automate an application with is running on citrix environment. Can some one help me how to start? please share if any document is available.

HI @bhuvan

AssistEdge supports automation in the Citrix environment.
You need to develop your processes with the Citrix Environment.

And to do this, you need to install the Citri package in the Citrix Environment.

There’s complete documentation available for the steps to do the Installation of the Citrix Package -

Please note, you need to contact the Citrix Admin, to configure the installed Citrix Package.

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AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 - comes up with capability to automate the citrix applications, enabling the citrix automation requires pre-requisites and configuration in Automation Studio and Host machine.

You can refer link shared by @Mantri to install the Citrix Package in Citrix Environment and configurations for Citrix Automation.