Chrome launch issue from AE

When i try to launch Chrome from Asssitedge using setup environment, it says setup completed but chrome does not launch. There is a warning that chrome and driver version are not compatible. My chrome version is 92.0.4515.107. Where can I find the suitable chromedriver?

Hi @sharma.surbhi125

Follow the below steps to update your Chrome Drivers.

  1. Verify the browser version of Chrome.

  2. Verify and download the compatible web driver from this link - ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome - Downloads

  3. To achieve compatibility for Studio, navigate to \ACE\SeleniumDrivers path (in your installation directory)

  4. Create the folder with the name of the driver version - Example - 92.0.4515.107

  5. Update the configuration file with the browser and driver entries. The file path is given below.
    Automation Studio path: \ACE\ApplicationAutomationMetadata.json

  6. Eg: If we are adding an entry for driver 92.0.4515.107 then we need to make a ComponentSpecifics json entry under the ComponentName
    “chrome”. We need to specify following details: -
    “ThirdPartyVersion”: “92.0.4515.107”,
    “CompatibleComponentWithThirdParty”: {
    “MinVersion”: “92”,
    “MaxVersion”: “92”
    c. We also need to add the chrome version supported by added driver in the section SupportedVersions.

    “SupportedVersions”: [

  7. Find the user specific Root Directory folder (Open Run and open %localappdata%). Within this find the EdgeVerve folder. Inside EdgeVerve, find the ACE/ProtonFiles folder and inside this folder, delete the SeleniumDrivers folder and ApplicationAutomationMetaData.json file and restart the studio.

I faced similar issue and followed above steps. After restarting my machine everything worked fine.
Please mark this answer as solution if this works for you.

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Faced similar issue, did the steps given by you and it worked