Can the screen resolution impact Web Application Automation

Hi Team,

I have configured the Web Application on a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.
The automation will be executed on the screen with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768.

Whether my automation will be impacted?

Automation Process stability may impact in such scenarios. Automation gets impacted in below listed scenarios, if screen resolution is updated -

  1. If Users are using Web Applications using CSS frameworks like bootstrap, and using the class classes in selector, then there is a chance of change in selectors when the browser size changes.
  2. Image Automation Scenarios, OCR Mechanisms
  3. Automation that involves Citrix, RDP sessions
  4. Data scrapping mechanisms in Automation workflows
  5. Desktop Applications - Screens size changes

Hi @sumit.sagar

Is there a way I can identify the screen resolution of a machine and notify the user that the screen resolution of the Robot Machine is not as per the resolution in which automation process was developed?

You can execute command in CMD to get screen resolution details -

wmic path Win32_VideoController get CurrentHorizontalResolution,CurrentVerticalResolution

You can also create an Automation Process with AssistEdge Enterprise - Automation Studio that gets the screen resolutions with PowerShell and notifies user.

Thanks @sumit.sagar

This is helpful. I used PowerShell.

In my process, I created the argument to define the apt screen resolution.
And if the resolution is going below or above the apt resolution in the Robot machine, then I am sending the mail.