C#.Net code in Automation Studio


Can I use C#.net code in Automation Studio for custom scenario?

HI @bhuvan

There are lot of customization possibilities when using AssistEdge.

We have Microbot for C#
Python Script for Python Language, and
PowerShell script for PowerShell

You can refer the below Knowledge Base links for more information.

  1. Python Script Activity
  2. Microbot
  3. PowerShell Script Activity


Along with the ones listed above , C# code can be used to write :

  1. Code Editors for web automation
  2. .Net Mode automation for windows automation


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AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 offers capability to customize while Automation scenarios by creation microbots developed using c#, Python scripting, PowerShell Scripting.

Users can also invoke DLLs developed in C# in Workflows while development of RPA Processes in Automation Studio for Enterprise.

Refer knowledge base for more details -