Break Loop activity is not working


I am working on a use case to extract the data and update the same in excel and once reach to empty row, need to break the loop.

  1. I tried to use String.IsNullOrEmpty(“arg”) in IF activity so that once reach to empty row, process should stop the execution by executing Break loop activity. But its not working.
  2. I tried to add logic in TryCatch block so that once it go to catch block it should execute Break loop activity and end the process execution. But this is also not working. Process is getting stuck at Break Loop actvity.
  3. If I don’t use try catch block then process is failing by giving the error “object reference not set to an instance of an object”

Below is the excel am using in the process.


Please help to resolve this issue.
Thanks in Advance.


Use Try Catch approach only. Once it reaches the empty row execution flow will move to catch block and loop will exit. There is no need to put Break Loop activity in catch block as loop has already been exited