Bitdefender detected threat in the CE


After installation, Bitdefender anti virus is blocking AE as threat

why is this happening? any one faced similar issue?


Bitdefender moved several files to quarantine


Hi Dinesh,

Above detection are false positives. You can restore the file safely. Also, please refer the steps


Dear Dinesh,

On download of CE zip follow steps given below to unblock zip so that any antivirus will not quarantine the CE binaries-

  1. Right click on CE zip file and click on properties.
  2. Check at the bottom of the properties window where it shows Zip file is blocked since it is downloaded from internet.
  3. If it is blocked then click on “Unblock” button present beside message mentioned above.

Now, you can unzip and install CE and antivirus or bitdefender will no more block or quarantine the binaries.