'Authentication Failed. Please contact your administrator' While Launching Studio

Hi Team,

I was unable to launch studio, throws ‘Authentication Failed. Please contact your administrator’ Popup .

From the Studio log:
errormessage~The underlying provider failed on Open. errordetails~ExceptionMessage - The underlying provider failed on Open.

Kindly help me to resolve this.


You are getting this error message because associated db failed to start. Kindly restart your machine once and then try launching Studio again. Hopefully, it should resolve the error


I have tried early. but no luck.

2.1.3 Post Installation checks
a. The Automation Studio is automatically launched post successful installation.

b. Check InstallerLog.txt to validate if installation is completed without errors.

c. Check the file aedb.log at …\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\DBFiles to ensure there are no errors during installation.

2.1.4 Check if Database is properly installed
Ensure the database is installed properly and works as required:

  1.   Open the command prompt and go to the below folder in installed directory.

…\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\DBFiles

  1.   Run command StartAEDB.bat <Port> and validate the output.
  2.   Run command StatusAEDB.bat and validate the output.
  3.   Run command StopAEDB.bat and validate the output.
  4.   Check the file aedb.log to ensure that there are no errors.

Hi Amit,

Thanks for your valuable inputs…!

From the installerlog.txt log, database were successfully installed, but the logs were not generated in DB files. the folder were empty.