AssistEdge certification


What is the procedure to take AE certification? I found this link- - but it does not mention details such as: duration of the exam, if there will be a practical portion or just multiple choice questions, cost of the test, certification levels (basic, advanced, architect).



Click on View Exam link on the url. Select Exam with code AE_RPA_001: AssistEdge RPA Certification for Developers V1.0 in the list displayed.
It will be a multiple choice exam. You will get the cost when you schedule the exam. Currently there s no level differentiation

How many questions in total? And what is the percentage that one needs to clear the exam?


You will get to know exact count once you appear for the exam. Approximately exam duration will be of 1 - 1.5 hr with around 40 - 50 questions

Has anybody appeared for the exam? What is the cost of exam/certification?