AssistEdge 17.5.2 Field configuration in the studio is unable to capture a pop-up msgbox

Automation Scenario: We are trying to configure a RPA process where a Web Application is used as part of the process. There is a specific task where we have to automate this user interaction, here is the sequence of that task:

  • User clicks “Save” Icon in the web page
  • A Message box pops up
  • User Clicks the Ok button in the pop-up window

Problem: AssistEdge 17.5.2 Field configuration in the studio is unable to capture that pop-up msgbox.

What we have tried so far, but did not work:

  • Tried to bring that message box under a new tab so that we can do field configuration, but this doesn’t have a URL, and we cannot locate in DOM Explorer (F12). Hence, we are fairly certain that this message box appears to come from the server side, and not in the web page.
  • keystroke automation – Tried enter, escape but did not work
  • Did process recording using the process recorder, it is not capturing it either. It is recording tasks only until the click of save Icon. It is not capturing the last action (Click ok in the msgbox)
  • Tried both pop-up handlers available in the tools canvas, but we could not bring the msgbox using that as well.

Please help with other options available that we can try to get past this issue. Thank You !!!


Use Application host activity in order to automate your Save dialog box. Also, it should be in parallel to button click step post some delay.

Kindly raise only community edition version query in this forum. For all other version raise JIRA query