Assist Edge 18.0, Excel, Web Apps

The Process is not running and getting failed again and again. What to do? How do I share Logs?

Hi Rohan,

Please paste the screenshot for the Automation Studio logs. You may find the logs on the top menu bar -->(…) ellipsis drop down against the logged in user name->Help->View Logs.


Here are the logs.

Hi Rohan,

Looks like there is an issue in the process itself. Could you please let me know what the process is all about with the relevant screenshots.


We are trying to automate an HR web application in which the data from the excel sheet gets copied to that application. The error says the key is not present in the dictionary.

Did you map the Excel headers? Within SetValue interaction, did you then set the value to mapped Excel argument? Also, since the error is of Excel loop, is it at the SetValue interaction?

Yes, I mapped the excel headers. It is also a setValue interaction. What to do now?


This issue comes when an excel column has been changed or modified post the process was created. Save your excel.and reselect it in excel loop block again. Do parameter mapping by clicking on setting icon in excel loop block and then select variable in process