Application activity issues in community edition

When doing the stock market analysis exercise, and recording the steps to extract the stock price, the last step of ‘get text’ seems to fail the process. I have re recorded the process 3 times and i still get the same error.
When i delete the step and test run, it is successful. If i re add or re record the get text step, it fails.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to resolve this issue?


After selectin Action as “Get Text”, in the Find By field-click the pencil icon and set the value to css3xpath and try running the solution.



I have done this and I receive an error, where the web element is not found, and then I change it back to css selector and I still receive an error.

any suggestions?

Try adding a delay before the GetText action as sometime loading of the page takes time. Also, FindBy field check all options (minus the manual) with cssx3path as the first in the list. If this also doesn’t work then try for creating an expression manually using the FindBy -manual option.

HI anshu,

i tried it before your message, and it runs successfully, but doesnt actually bring back a value

Share the exported process and relevant screenshots

Hope you are storing the captured value in an argument and then printing onto the process output window using the WriteLine activity.

Excel loop

Inside Excel loop and If activity

Outlook email activity

Assign and reuse activity

Application activity Finance

My arguments

Share the application URL and print the FetchedStock to check what is it printing.

The url is

and then changes to:

once the page has loaded

Followed these steps for your use case on CHrome browser:



Preferred Browser = Chrome






yeah that works and prints the output, but the aim is to print to excel sheet under column shareprice

so i reverted back to IE, and now the values print to the excel sheet.

Now my issue is that i should only receiving an email if the shareprices are bigger than the sell prices. as stated in the If statement.

Could you help on this issue

The Excel part should work. I attached screenshot for the GetText part which was not working. For printing to Excel sheet, you may use “WriteToExcel” activity.

yes I did that in the first instance.

But now my issue is that i should only receiving an email if the shareprices are bigger than the sell prices. as stated in the If statement.

For sending an email whnever the shareprices are bigger than the sell prices. You need to check the condition using the if Statement and drop the Outlook activity with Operation=Send in the Then block. This means the email will be sent whenever the condition stands true.