API Rest POST with parameters

Hi everyone,

I try to call a REST API from the API Activity in AssistEdge by passing a parameter in the Body Json. I have no problem in case of static body.
I think my problem is a syntax problem.

Example :

It crashes…
But if I replace the body by a static Json :
It works…

Thanks for your help :wink:


Do not use quotes when using arguments


Thank you for your answer Amit,

I tried with and without quotes but, unfortunately, I have an 400 Error too…
I declared a variable called “variable1”, type string and value “AAA”, and I have aded it in the body by a right click > variable1.


Current community version do not support parametrization in input data. You will have to pass fixed values as of now



I am currently using the 17.5 “full version”.

Thank you for your help,