API Activity for REST API automation


I was trying to automate the Clearpass REST APIs using AssistEdge Community Editon 17.5. The activity which I used is “API Activity”. Below is my request URL, header and parameter body.

Request URL : https://cppm-trp-e313.eng.austtx.attwifi.com:443/api/oauth
(Basically a post request “POST /api/oauth”)

Parameter Body:

“grant_type”: “client_credentials”,
“client_id”: “rx165p”,
“client_secret”: “CSlrw3t1XUw7cv7wfJsBUcANx5g5ulzfSTek36az0Gs1”

Header : Content-Type: application/json

Below are the steps which I followed in AE and screenshots of my configurations in AssistEdge:

  1. Created a new Web API application named “ClearpassAPI” with Login URL “https://cppm-trp-e313.eng.austtx.attwifi.com:443/” and type as “REST”

  2. Created a new process named “ClearpassAPITest” by dragging API Activity under Start button. The application selected in API activity is “ClearpassAPI” and API selected is “api/oauth”. Below provided screenshot. Method used is POST and declared an output argument “response” which is of type string.

  3. As my REST API has header and Body parameters to pass, I have defined “Headers” and “Parameter Mappings” in Settings like below:

Note: I was not allowed to upload multiple images as I am a new user, hence uploading all screenshots as one image below.

But when I run the test, it says “The server returned an error, (404) Not Found”. Could you please help me to resolve this error and help me to proceed?



Can someone please look into my issue and guide me with a solution?

Thank you for your time.


404 error status code means hat the studio was able to communicate with a given [server] but the server could not find what was requested.

You are probably trying to access an invalid / broken api. Please check using some other tool if the API you are calling is correct

Thank you Amit.

I have used Postman tool to trigger the same REST API and confirmed the URL, header and body before trying in AE. Everything works fine in Postman tool. Yes, I agree with you that I am able to reach server as error is 404, but the requested API is not returning anything. I suspect the way I have send the body parameter. Do you feel any mistake in the way I am passing header and params?

Please note I am using Community Edition of AE. Will this create any issue in triggering the process with API activity?


Hi @amit_anand15,

I uninstalled community edition and installed Standalone edition of AE and ran the same test. I am successful in running the REST API without any error.

Thank you so much for the support.

Note: I have used “REST API Activity” instead of “API Activity” from Standalone Enterprise Edition of AE.

Hi, Is the above issue(using API activity instance) resolved in Community edition of AssistEdge? Please clarify as my license with ED version expired and forced to switch over to CE version of AssistEdge.