"Alt+Select" function is not working in Multi Modal interface,

In an Application ,On the Multi Modal interface, with the default option as WEB MODE.
When i try to select using “Alt+” , not able to select.



What is the purpose of Alt +. In multi modal you will have to click on Start scrapping and post that click on the UI element to capture its attributes. There by you can select appropriate interaction on the same

Amit Anand


In case you are reading a web table. Please follow these steps:

  1. On the MultiModal dialog box–click start recording.
  2. Holding the Alt key , click on the 1st and the second cell of the column and then once release the mouse. With this the entire column should appear yellow and selected.
  3. Now, you can define your actions in the Action window.


It is showing error inside control Exists Interaction as “Input string was not in correct format”.