Add Field Option in PDF Template Creator

Hi Team,

I am trying to use PDF Template creator to create Template. I can configure Reference and Field, and I’ve added a reference, but I cannot see the option “Add Field”

Hi @mrunalini ,

Select Field Operation Type - “Add New Field”, Select any of - Selection Area, Excluded Area or Column Configuration, Then “Add Fields” while Template Configuration.

Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Sagar

Hi @mrunalini

Ideally, the option of Add New Field is visible from the UI.

In case you’re not able to see it then probably you’ll have to check your screen resolution.
Most likely your screen resolution is not supported by Automation Studio.

The resolution was an issue.
After changing the screen resolution to 1920x1080 and the scale to 100%.
I can see the “Add filed” option.

That’s great @mrunalini

Ensure that when you start Automation studio, the Health Report supports the resolution.

Refer the knowledge base link below for more info.,Health%20Report%20and%20Warning%20Console,-Health%20report%20is