Accessing date from excel returns a number value or 01/01/0001 00:00:00 value

Hello Team,

I am performing a ‘File Search’ from an excel. Getting details in ‘new.xlsx’ which contains Filename, Last Modified At etc…

When I do an excel loop on ‘new.xlsx’ file to find out the value of ‘Last Modified At’ column, it returns a number instead of date present in the column.(when column is set to Text data type)

and return 01/01/0001 00:00:00 when column is set to ‘DateTime’ within settings in excel loop activity.

Please find attached image for reference.


New.xlsx file also attached from which I am reading the value of ‘Last Modified At’ column

Kindly assist on how can I get the correct date present in the excel for ‘Last Modified At’ column.

@amit_anand15: Can you please help on this ?


Reason for this behavior is that data is stored in custom format is excel sheet and excel loop is considering it as Generic format. This issue has been fixed in Enterprise edition and will subsequently be rolled in community edition

If you want to read value now you can use Excel recorder activity to achieve your use case

Amit Anand

Hello @amit_anand15,

Thanks for the reply.

But I am already on AE Enterprise v18.0
Is it fixed in this version ?



Its fixed in 18.2 version.

Amit Anand